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2006-11-12 - 2:04 a.m.

Kind of humming from bingeing: drink and laugh and work and Rummikub. Am flying to Connecticut on Monday. Will drop off work proposal at front desk of big company, go back to airport, and fly back. Will be on the ground in the state of Connecticut for about four minutes.

I have great friends. I laughed, I laugh, I will laugh. Saw the Oranges Band last night, followed by The Liars Academy. The Oranges are always honey for the soul. I sung along when I knew the words. The Liars Academy were disappointing. I like TV on the Radio, after thinking for months that I didn't. And, after having it on my iPod for longer than months, I finally listened to Air's Virgin Suicides soundtrack. It's good, especially "Dead Bodies." I cannot, however, disassociate the music with the corresponding scenes in the movie. Reading Don DeLillo's "White Noise." The first half felt like a chore, like homework, beautiful homework. When the toxic cloud hits, it picks up. Ever get the feeling that you've just written a sentence that's never before been written?

My girlfriend's sleeping soundly and deeply. Her breathing sounds like the ocean. Her dog's sleeping in my spot. He's a-gonna get moved here soon.

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