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2006-11-13 - 9:38 p.m.

The other night, Nate and I were leaving Kevin and Kerry's house after playing Rummikub. Nate needed a ride home. We found a jack o'lantern on the street: half on the street and half on the curb: forlorn but its structure not compromised. I picked it up and walked to the middle of the street. "Nate!" I said. "Ready?" And he said to stop, that he had plans for the pumpkin. I gave him the pumpkin. We got in my truck and, two blocks before his house, Nate gave me a look and a smile. He rolled down the window, told me to slow down, and leaned out. He placed it well, wedged it between front wheel and back, between truck and street, and the thump sent us into hysterics. The thump felt good and the way it ought to feel. My rear-view mirror was exploding oranges and milky colors. I was still laughing when I shook his hand and said I'd see him later. Nate, still laughing, crossed the street and made his front door go thump.

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