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2003-11-10 - 1:53 p.m.

A time capsule:

I like girls who wear glasses. I like soft skin that smells good, effusive voicemail messages, lean bodies, fingers without polish, a scattering of rings, hips that move, low-cut shirts, asses, legs, voices that are happy to see me.

I like fried-egg bagel sandwiches, crispy bacon, spinach, pizza from Chanello's, dark coffee with lots of cream and a little sugar, smoking cigarettes, Skor bars, chocolate milk, fountain Coca-Cola, steaks done medium-rare and sushi all the time, any kind, in my mouth.

I like exactly three Coldplay songs, but I like them very much. I like seven or eight Radiohead songs more than just about anything else I could ever hear. These two bands are so lush they make me want to cry sometimes. I'm ambivalent about Jump, Little Children, whom I'm listening to right now because my friend made me a mix CD of their stuff. Though I don't generally listen to hip-hop, I like the Blackilicious album I just bought ("in your home, in your office, in your early-morning coffee"). I like exactly one song by Paul Weller because it's the only one I've heard. I like exactly one song by The Delgados, and this song makes me feel as if I'm living in a Hugh Grant movie (any one), specifically in the scene in which he wins back the girl. I like Elliott Smith a lot and I'm still a little sad about him. I like rock and I wish I had money to buy albums from these bands: Burning Brides, The Figgs, British Sea Power, and possibly The Strokes. Soul Coughing's album "El Oso" gets better and better each time I listen. I have liked Led Zeppelin since the tenth grade, and nobody is going to get me to stop liking them. I used to like the Beatles a lot, but I find I like them less and less.

I like The New Yorker a lot, and I find myselff, over and over, reading stories that I didn't think I'd have any interest in and I suspect the fact that I'm reading the stories has something to do with the talent of the writers. I still like Hemingway more than probably any other, but I've forced myself to stop reading him so that I can read other writers. I'm reading Norman Mailer's "The Naked and the Dead," which reminds me of my grandfather, who died a few weeks ago. I like reading newspapers less, especially the local one. I still read some newspapers online, especially the day after my teams win.

I like it when the Steelers win, but they aren't winning a lot right now. I want to like baseball again, but I know I won't until somebody besides the Yankees or the Braves makes it to the World Series on a consistent basis.

I like the fall. I like wearing sweaters without a coat. I like the winter, especially when it snows. I don't like the heat of summer, but I like the long days.

I like waking up early and seeing my neighborhood come alive, but I rarely wake up early. I like Friday afternoons a lot, when everything that needs to be done for the week is done and I can walk downtown and drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, spend an hour in the used bookstore without buying anything, and walk back home with a chill on my skin where the clothes don't reach.

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