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2003-11-10 - 12:48 p.m.

I went for a jog yesterday, and five minutes in, I remembered why I don't jog. Jesus, it's boring. I'm not averse to physical exertion, but I want to do it while doing something else besides only physically exerting. Say, by way of playing soccer or tennis or something that's fun. Jogging's just not fun, and until someone comes up with a way to get laid or at the very least look at good art, I'm not going to do it very often. And it was cold yesterday. It doesn't get cold here in the winter (people freaked out last winter when it snowed twice), but it was cold enough to freeze my head and make my nose run. That's cold enough. So I went for a short run and came back to my apartment and let my heart calm down for a while as I watched football.

Now there are two cute girls working in the office next to mine at school. They're peer advisors and they both wear black-rimmed cat-like glasses. One of them is named Polly, but I'm jelly for both of them.

I laugh at myself when I'm having these conferences with my students. I'm 26 and they're 18 and 19. It's funny when I'm trying to explain aspects of writing to them that I'm just now learning, like the difference between telling and showing. I just learned this stuff last year, and here I am trying to put my convictions on the matter (which have grown strong, very strong) into coherent arguments that they can understand. I wonder if teachers who have been doing it for years struggle with this, or if they fall back on the same five or six lessons and teach them over and over.

My dad just got a new truck. I haven't heard from him about it, but my mom tells me it's "a gigantic shiny new thing." My guess is that it's a big Ford or Chevy he can haul deer around in. I'm guessing it has a CD player in it, but I hope it has a tape player so I can make him a mix tape. He likes country, so a while back I made him a tape of Michelle Shocked songs and stuff from the "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" soundtrack. I have some Paul Simon songs in mind that I think he'll like. Also: Wilco, Paul Weller, Badly Drawn Boy, Johnny Cash maybe. Making things for people is fun. I like to imagine the expressions on their faces when they open up the package.

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