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2003-11-12 - 1:56 a.m.

I've been talking with friends lately about my theory on charsima. I don't have a lot of charismatic friends, but I have a few who are very charismatic. My notion is that charismatic people have got to have passion. I look at my friend Kevin and he's got all this passion for all these things: music, art, history, food, sex, his friends. And I look at my friend Greg: books, writing, music, drinking, his girlfriend. Passionate dudes.

And I can't think of many who are passionate but who don't have charisma. Maybe the equation doesn't work that way. Maybe it's not that passion equals charisma. Maybe it's only that in order to be charismatic, passion is a necessary trait. I think that may be closer to it.

So, of course, what about me? Well, shoot. I like stuff.

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