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2003-11-08 - 12:10 p.m.

Saw 'Elf' with some friends from school last night. It wasn't my first choice. I haven't seen a movie since the second 'Matrix' (There was actually a scene where she plunges her hand into his chest and massages his heart back to life--I was the only one who laughed), but this one had its moments. It's a Will Farrell showcase, all the way. The writing could have played upon his talents a lot more, and after the first fifty minutes, when I realized it was going to be a movie that wrapped up nicely with all the characters coming around, I sort of lost interest. But Farrell has such good facial reactions and they did a nice job with that. The place was packed with single guys in their early 20s, with a notable lack of anyone who wasn't white. I'm wondering if Will Farrell will prove to be guy that young white guys go to see, like everyone did with Adam Sandler movies a few years ago.

Then we went to the Taphouse and had beers. We got a little drunk in a dark corner, the four of us, and somehow the girls were licking me and my buddy on the cheeks. Tongue out, coming at me, wham, up my left cheek. And then it somehow got to the point that as I was dropping off the girl I used to date last year, the two in the back made it so that I couldn't get away with not licking her cheek before she got out of the car. Then we went to second girl's house and she played early eighties porn for us. I have no idea what happened. I wasn't even that drunk. But I do have a headache now. I wish I had more coca-cola.

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