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2019-01-09 - 7:47 p.m.

I'm 50 pages into a new novel. Here's all I've got so far:

- Love triangle. Narrator is an 18-year-old boy who's in love with an 18-yar-old girl. The 18-year-old girl is sleeping with the narrator's best friend. They are all best friends. They meet every week for Weird Club, which is subtitled movies, jazz, some cooking, some drugs, some booze, and other activities I haven't thought of yet.
- Appalachian America, slightly alternate 1994. The two boys go to one high school in town (the reds), while the girl goes to the other school (the blues).
- The two schools, and sides of town, are bitter rivals. I'm thinking Romeo and Juliet crossed with the current American/British political climate, but amped up a bit.
- The three of them must make a journey, along abandoned train tracks, from Weird Club, which is held in a way-out-there farm house, to town. They have to go through both red and blue territories. It is a dangerous route. I'm not yet sure exactly why they must make this journey.
- The story will be told, alternatingly, from present day, when the narrator is in his late 30s, and 1994, when everyone's a senior in high school.
- The girl has died, or has moved away. In any event, neither of the boys talks to her anymore.
- The two boys are still friends, though the relationship is strained.

I'll need some luck. Mainly, luck to sit myself down on this little stool to work on this. I don't want this to be Stand By Me and I don't want it to be Never Let Me Go, though I have been thinking of those. The books The Girls by Emma Cline and also My Sunshine Away by MO Walsh are on my mind.

Here's to paragraphs that come on like the rain and here's to some kind of structure to this thing that makes it readable.

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