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2008-02-13 - 11:52 a.m.

Who's ready for a gripe? The internet needs more gripes, right? The Internet's slogan should be as follows: The Internet: Not Nearly Enough Griping.

Anyway, I work in an office, and so I see a lot of office workers. I just passed two women in the hallway.

"Pretty icy yesterday," the first one says.

"My friend in Laurel," the second one says, "she spent five minutes scraping the ice off her windshield. Can you believe it? Five minutes! I mean, jeez."

And when I heard this, for an instant, I wanted to shout, and here's the gripe, here it comes, "Oh my lord! Life is so fucking hard!"

In other news, I am perfect and don't annoy anybody. Not true! I am as follows:

- slightly late for most things, possibly including life
- prone to passing too much in pickup basketball
- liable to leave too much stir-fry in the pan for the other person
- too generous with giving money to charity
- late filing taxes, often
- almost always late for most things, including life
- am never on time.
- late late late late late (including today)

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