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2008-02-18 - 9:30 p.m.

Shambles almost just caught a mouse. I messed it up for him. I came out of the bathroom, and he was freaking out in the kitchen, pawing at the trash can. I thought, "mouse!" Then I thought, there's no way that mouse is behind the trash can. The Shams must have scared the mouse and it must have gone in there and then found a crack or something and is gone. So I slid out the trash can and Shambles moved in and there, nestled in between the broom and mop thing and some other floor-cleaner, was a little brown bit of shivering warmth, trying to hide where there was nowhere to hide. And then I angled the trash can the wrong way and the mouse was gone. It ran into my foot and then took off. I apologized to Shambles for messing it up for him but I don't think he understands English. He might understand Garbage Truck, because he likes to bark at them.

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