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2007-09-23 - 2:57 p.m.

I was at the grocery store yesterday, getting some things for my girlfriend's visit for a few days, and the woman behind me, about 70, pulled her shopping cart in behind me and in that shopping cart was a single Stouffer's frozen dinner. She had a coupon and she got that frozen dinner for one dollar.

We just walked up to a motorcycle convention thing and the girlfriend's dog, every time a motorcycle rolled by, caused him to absolutely, totally lose his shit, spit spraying from his mouth, the bark barely coming out because the choke-chain collar was so tight around his neck.

Watching football now. Had two taco dogs (!). I shouldn't have done that.

Finished an essay the other day, about my first college-job interview. I think it's not bad. Working on the book again. Sometimes I have to force myself, at a half-hour past midnight, to write two sentences. Sometimes I wake up wanting to go at it. I wish it had a faucet.

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