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2004-11-09 - 8:40 a.m.

I'm excited about today because I got up early and it feels like winter here, or at least a good imitation of winter, and I'm going to ride my bike to school for a luncheon later today and I'll be wearing my wool hat to keep warm and I hope I freak out the old rich ladies who give money to the school. Other than that, yesterday was a good writing day (discovered that two stories I wrote a year or more ago weren't all bad) and so I hope to ride that train again today. I lead a ridiculous life. Graduate school.

I got a plant. My first in several years. His name is Skip. He's about as big, the whole deal, plant and pot, as a cantaloupe. He's a little guy. I kill plants, so I keep turning him every half-hour when the sun comes over the buildings, so that the leaves in the dark won't wilt and die like they always do when I own plants. It reminds me of a little rhododendron, which grow all over the place, seriously, in the area around Camp David in Frederick County. I miss going on hikes.

--Because when Chrissy sings his morning song, it means the sun has, against all odds, come up again, right on time and everything.--

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