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2009-01-06 - 4:26 p.m.

When, on a Tuesday, you're feeling down because of all the editing of proposal responses, the ones about monitoring of inter-rater reliability (?), about NCQA accreditation, about training for clinical and non-clinical staff, I'd like to recommend application of the following:

1. Queens of the Stone Age's "Medication," to be followed by
2. Outkast's "B.O.B." to be followed by
3. Shirtless shouting + jumping jacks.

In other news, the coworker I'd always assumed was gay just forwarded a email joke in which a lovely young nurse mishears a sedated patient recovering from surgery. It's a heterosexual-type joke, a joke about fondling and fantasized nursely duties. So, did he just think the joke was funny, objectively, with the question "Are my test results back?" being misheard as something about black testicles? Or is Mr. -yl -trong, of the shaved and shiny black domepiece, all about the ladies after all? Or none of the above, thinking only that a joke about testicles and test results was a good time?

The ways, clearly, that office workers deal with mid-week ho-hums.

I'm leaving early. I do that a lot.

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