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2008-12-04 - 2:24 p.m.

So I've done a little research on this Jenny thing. Turns out, the year I was born, Jennifer was the most popular name in the country. It was tops. Here are the most popular ten: Jennifer, Melissa, Amy, Jessica, Heather, Angela, Michelle, Kimberly, Amanda, Kelly.

That, there, is pretty much a class roster of the girls from every grade from first through twelfth. If I were prone to memoir (no way), I'd just tack up that list on my cork board, glance every now and then, and let the magic brew. I mean, what about just Michelle? I can name some pretty big Michelles off the top of my head. The only Jewish girl in my town. The first girl I ever went with in the seventh grade.

I took tomorrow off from work and am hoping to do some urban exploring: the main library for some factual nonfiction (I have to pay them $40 first), the Italian deli on Paca Street that everyone likes but which I've never been to even though I love all that stuff. Also I'd like to sit down and figure out if I actually like Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston or if it's one of those books that I'm supposed to like because it's got great sentences in it but which I'm just predestined not to enjoy.

And I know I'm late on this, but I never really listened to this band when they got big but now I have and the song "The Modern Age" from The Strokes' first album is really good and distills a lot of the things I like about rock music. I can see now why so many people freaked out over these guys.

And Tom Cruise is very funny in Tropic Thunder.

Trying very hard to finish this Jenny essay so that I can get back to the writing project proper, the main one, the real deal. For now, though, I've got Jennys on my mind.

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