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2008-05-29 - 5:12 p.m.

Got back from Greece, and more to come on that hot and beautiful and rocky and old place, but first, a few things. Well, one thing on Greece: two girls there told me I had "fantastic eyes." So that's all right. Here's the few things:

When I hear people complain of layovers, there's a hiccup in my head. Am I the only one who kind of likes layovers? I bet somebody else does. I like, I think, the openness of it, the free-time feel, the sense of, here's a few hours and you can do with it what you please and even if you don't do much it's OK because these here are three free hours. I like that sense a lot, actually. I read magazines and get drinks of water from the water fountain and check people out and try to write a little scene from childhood that's particularly vivid or go and look at the music magazines in the bookstores. I wonder what other people do, or secretly do, during layovers?

How great would it be if you could innoculate yourself against annoyance? I thought that on the plane ride home, when the person in front of me reclined her seat and messed up the order of my books and my iPod and things in the pocket in front of me. And I thought, jeez, I'm really getting annoyed with little stuff. And I thought, I wish I could will myself into a state of non-annoyance. That sounds a little like Eastern philosophy. I am not a Buddhist, I don't think.

I'm seeing Psycho after work today, with some friends. Little plates of food before that. The ability to appreciate sunshine on the face. The Greek flag. The sound my truck makes when in second gear and rounding a corner, and then third gear. Laughter on a long airplane ride. Little kids in Spiderman costumes. Corndogs! An embarrassment of riches.

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