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2008-04-24 - 3:01 p.m.

We're going to Greece for a week, in the end of May. I'm excited about old stuff, and the beaches, and the food, and the pretty people.

Rock and Roll Music News: I have bought my first Christian-rock album. Despite my urge to hide the jewel case when someone walks by at work, fact is, they'd have to bend in close to read the song titles in question: "Salvation," "Jesus Gonna Build Me A Home," and "Lay Your Burden Down." It's a solo album from the Superdrag guy. He's cool. And I think he played all the instruments and I always enjoy those kinds of guys: Matthew Sweet, Lenny Kravitz (some of the time), Badly Drawn Boy. I spent $45 on new CDs last night at Sound Garden: DeVotchKa, a James Brown greatest hits, and these DC guys Jukebox the Ghost. What luxury, really, to have this much music within easy reach. Sometimes I think of the scene in Shawshank Redemption when our guy locks the guards out long enough to play the classical record over the public-address system for the inmates, how rare and valuable music, and anything we cherish, can be. Rarity equals value, I guess.

And the iPod, the ability, in my case, to carry my absolute favorite 240 songs in my breast pocket, is really something. When we're all gone and our trash gets dug up by archeologists, I wonder what they'll decide are our greatest achievements? Deodorant? The ability to cover up the smell of one's armpit? How about the iPod? Pretty great that, in seconds, you can go from Ray Charles to the Arcade Fire. Dental floss? Digital cameras? Took people an awful long time to make a snapshot of a place two hundred years ago. How about bench seats in pickup trucks, scratch-off lottery tickets, or previews before movies? Will they say that our twenty-first-century moments of exultant expectation are worth more than the steel-belted radial tire?

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