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2008-03-22 - 12:59 a.m.

I met my buddies at a bar called Butts and Betty's in Butcher's Hill this afternoon. They're not big basketball guys, but I got them to come out and watch our school get dumped on by Georgetown. It was not close. Anyway, it's a real Baltimore kind of bar, in that it has Busch on tap, has chips behind for sale in those tall racks, and has a karaoke machine and a pool table and a disco ball in the back room. There's also a sign on the men's room door warning that there should be just one guy in there at a time. I'm pretty sure it's a roundabout way of telling dudes not to pee in the sink if someone's already at the urinal. The tab, for six of us being there for three hours, was $64. The older guy sitting next to me kept asking his buddy for ten dollars. His buddy did not want to give him the money. The guy next to me said he'd pay him back. His buddy said, "I'm praying you live to be 200, then."

In other news, I've got some pretty great friends.

In still more news, I took one of my entries from this here place from a little while ago and turned it into a shiny little thing. Very little, but shiny, I hope. I sent it to a local magazine called Urbanite and they said today they'd run it. It's a small deal but it's nice to get the good kind of email instead of the other kind. They asked for 400 words but I gave them 700. They cut a little but nothing too bad.

I had a sex dream about a coworker. I'm not particularly attracted to this girl, and I don't particularly talk with her that often. She's intriguing and kind of shy and maybe a little sassy. Not actual sex, however. There is never any closings of deals in these dreams. My sex dreams are dreams of warm, soft, close-in touching and hugging. Laughing, even. They're nice. And then I wake up and hump the door jamb. Not true, but "hump" and "jamb" seem to be related, now that I've typed them. I'm tired and I've been drunk at two separate times today.

Tomorrow is a brunch. My friend sent out an email asking for an "experienced egg man."

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