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2008-03-15 - 2:33 p.m.

Just got back from Mick O'Shea's, a bar downtown. It was quiet there, midday, Charles Street out through the windows alive and warm. The bartenders looked beat. I asked them, this must be the calm before the storm? And they said, we were slammed last night, will be slammed tonight and tomorrow, and do you want another Guinness? I drank a few and watched my college win their conference tournament. It's exciting. My best friend from college was at the game, with his brother, and his text messages supplemented my afternoon. "It7 hype! im teary eyed. people are pumped," he wrote, and, "This is awesome!" and "Im emotional! My brothers gonna bur7t." Then, when they were cutting down the nets, "Wish uda been there wit us."

It's spring today. It just arrived, on the fire escape landing, like a stork's cargo or like a warm hello in the ear. The windows are open. Neighbors are out on the stoops, talking, smoking, laughing. The dog's antsy. I'm a little drunk, anticipatory, my forearms sunned, my chest full.

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