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2008-01-04 - 11:34 a.m.

I woke up yesterday feeling like each square inch of my skin owned its own ache and so called out of work in my I'm-sick-and-this-time-it's-not-fake voice and went back to sleep. Slept for hours and hours and woke up at 3:30. Had to take the dog out, so did that. It was cold, and sleeping that long made me feel like an alien. Sounds were louder, my reflexes were slower, everything was brighter, and I still ached all over. Took some meds and drank a ton of water and felt a little better. Had a parking ticket for $42, though, and it's for parking in a two-hour zone. So the city penalized me for being sick, in other words. The girl got back late from a trip to Pittsburgh to see friends and we sprawled out on the bed and listened to NPR wobble and false-start its way through its coverage of the Iowa caucuses. How is it, by the way, that we're allowing Iowa and New Hampshire to have this much power over who gets to run for president? I'm having trouble imagining two whiter places.

That said, I like Obama. I think I just like anyone who's even remotely made in the spirit of JFK and RFK. It's probably corny, but Obama, for me, stands for hope. Politics are funny, though. It's all image. What do I really know about the guy? Maybe he's a jerk who punches homeless people in the nose when they ask for change. I sent his campaign an email after he won his Senate seat in 2004, saying I thought he should run for president. I was pretty pissed off that Kerry lost.

So, not sure if it was all that sleeping yesterday, coupled with all the regular sleeping I did last night, or what, but this morning, I got that feeling I get once in a while where I feel as if everyone's kind and good and worthy of a nod or a smile. Driving down Martin Luther King today, to get on the interstate to come out to the suburbs, everyone in the cars beside me seemed a little more wholesome, a little more of a buddy, a little more human and somehow like me. It was as if all that sleep had erased whatever was on my mind: the worries, the ambition, the day of the week, even. And in its place, this morning, was, somehow, brotherhood.

I've also been watching the shit out of The Wire, so maybe that's it. I finished season three and am a third into season four.

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