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2007-06-16 - 5:18 p.m.

Leaving early tomorrow morning for a week in Maine and, we hope, Prince Edward Island. We hear that those in the know refer to the latter as "PEI." I am not in the know and will not refer to it thusly. I'd prefer it be called "The Prince." That sounds much better and also sounds like an arrangement for facial hair. As in, I see you've shaved everything on your face except for an upside-down "T" on your chin. And the reply: I'm glad you noticed. I decided to try The Prince.

Actually, what am I talking about? There are absolutely no new facial hair configurations left. Thanks, rappers and Latinos.

I was in charge of perishables. We're camping. I got pistachios.

Music and expensive gasoline and dirty hiking boots and guidebooks and funny voices that we do for each other and for no one else. One of the voices is from an animated piece of luggage-on-wheels. Another is a coffeepot. A third is The Prince. Two out of three of those are true.

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