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2007-05-02 - 2:15 p.m.

Outside, in the parking lot, coming to rest on the hot black asphalt, scooting along like a crab, the breeze lifting it all up for another dance, are thousands and thousands of dandelion seeds. I've never seen this many before. They cluster together in eights and fourteens and if I were one to think this way, I'd say they were hugging tight and moving as one like people might on a sinking ship.

Another friend left town today. My girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, but still, a friend. He's off to Boston. Went out with him last night: dinner and beers at the Waterfront. I'm tired of being hungover, but this is a hungover time of year. A pre-wedding bonfire on Friday night and a wedding on Sunday. They're the first of our college friends to get married and I'll be seeing lots and lots of very familiar faces. I'll be seeing my college girlfriend for the first time in a couple of years (three?), for the first time since I leaned into the window of her rented Mustang, rain cold on my back, and kissed her for ten minutes.

My students write a lot about boys and girls coming to some kind of crisis point: to wed or not; to break up with abusive boy or not; to cheat or not. I have a friend who's thinking about doing drastic things along these lines. He's a wanderer and is in no mood to settle down. He's confided in me. I barely know his girlfriend, but I know they live together. I told him, think long and hard about what you're doing. I already know what he'll do. If not now, then someday soon. Tigers and stripes, maybe. "I like beginnings," he said.

My girlfriend sent me a text message last night. "Your icecream made me the happiest girl alive."

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