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2007-02-15 - 1:30 p.m.

The National Endowment for the Arts site says that you should give yourself "several days" to complete its grant application. And that's smart because I started it the other day and am now putting it off because I got to a point, and I don't know if I was in the portion of the site for organizations or if it was, indeed, for individuals, but I had to register for numbers to get numbers and I sort of took a nap at that point. The payoff, however, would be huge. Or not huge, but twenty-five grand, which most likely won't land on my doorstep like a pallet of pounder bags of granulated sugar, but wouldn't it be nice? I'd like to think I could do some damage with free money like that. I'd like to think so. I think so.

I must do my pristine, virgin thinking while in the car, because the other day I had the thought that metaphor is the highest we can do, the most honorable, the most acrobatic of thinking. And now that I take a step back from that, I think that's true. I could explain that more, but perhaps I don't have what it takes. Perhaps metaphors fall through the floor when you load them up with too much talk.

I'm working on manuscript number two. I'm up to 48 pages. Which sounds like a lot, but which, in fact, contains cut-and-paste jobs from bits and pieces I've written over the past year and a half. But it all fits, at least in the first draft, when everything fits. Everyhing Fits is not a terrible title. Although, I wish I were a novelist sometimes so that I could use recent East Coast weather phrases I've been reading and hearing: "Significant Winter Weather Event." Funny how far apart the names of things are from their actual, sweating skins: "Significant Winter Weather Event" versus me on all fours this morning, using a clawed hammer to break the ice from under the rear wheels of my pickup, my hands gloveless and knuckles scraped by the ice, my roommate Katherine pushing on the tailgate to finally nudge me out into the street, she poking her head in the cab and asking, "Do you really not mind me getting a ride?"

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