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2006-11-17 - 12:14 p.m.

I'm hung over. Seems like I drank a lot of beer last night that came from bad lines. All the beer tasted sweet and I had all kinds: Pabst, Smithwick's, and I think Sierra Nevada. And I drank Scotch and had a shot of something that had mint and cinnamon in it.

I've been enjoying taking photos lately. A friend showed me how to use my camera's manual settings last night. While I've been meaning to investigate since I bought it months and months ago, the thing just got four times more complicated. Now there's aperture and shutter speed, whereas before, it was solid photo solid photo solid photo, every time. It'll be fun to play with. I have a lot of underexposed bar photos on my camera now, is what I'm saying, and some of them make my friends and me appear close to homosexual.

That reminds me of my college friend's idea for a rap group name: Fresh Fruit. He gets such joy from explaining it to new people: "We're 'Fresh' because we're, you know, fresh. And we're 'Fruit' because we'll be, you know, gay."

A couple of things that have made me snort, out my nose, in the past few days:

Last night, on The Office. The new guy who comes in from the other branch and challenges Dwight's place in the office hierarchy, a paraphrase:

"How am I going to get ahead here in Scranton? I'll tell you. Name repetition. Personality mirroring. Never releasing first on a handshake."

And, in this movie The Great New Wonderful, which is otherwise The Not Very Good, there's a scene where parents of a bad 10-year-old kid come in to talk to the principal, played by Stephen Colbert. The dad says he knows his son has a bad temper but that he's got a good heart. Stephen Colbert shouts back that, no he doesn't, he's got a "heart made out of shit and splinters."

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