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2006-06-20 - 10:04 a.m.

Went to DC last night for some kind of celebration for my friend Alis and her graduate degree. Paid fifty dollars for six drinks. The economics are no good there. Why don't more people sneak flasks and order Cokes? It was good to see her and her polycultural crew. She's dating a public defender do-good guy who's moving to the Bronx in a few months and who is not taking her with him. She's flirty and touchy and so on the way home, my girlfriend said, "If you touched her one more time I was going to kill you," and I said I was sorry and she said she was kidding but she was only partly kidding. Getting out of Adams Morgan on Connecticut Avenue, I made two right turns on red because I didn't know any better and on the second one, a girl shouted in through the passenger-side open window, "Hey! No turn on red!"

She has a few days off and so this morning, I took a shower and got dressed in the dark as she slept and gave her a kiss on the way out and she, not fully awake, said, "There's bananas in the hangy thing by the stove."

I got busted yesterday for reallocating company goods for use as I see fit. A few weeks ago, I'd printed five copies of an essay I was revising. I forgot about it, though, and two hours later Beverly, who I thought was my friend in this office, said, "Print job!" and dropped it on my desk. So I said thanks and forgot about that, too.

But yesterday I was in my boss' office talking about a woman I always work with who's quitting. And my boss said to close the door and I did and she said that somebody who sits near me was upset that I was working on something I'd written for my own self on company time, etc. Beverly's on vacation this week but the girlfriend suggested that I buy a ream of paper and put it on her chair with a note that said I was sorry. All of it made me want to smash, the pettiness of it, the fact that she's so nice to me when we talk and that she would complain to our mutual boss about something like twenty-five sheets of paper. I may buy some smoke bombs, light them, and stuff them in her Glen Burnie hair and see what happens. Angry.

In any event, the U.S. soccer team has a big game on Thursday at 10 and I already said that I had an "allergy doctor" appointment that morning and would need to take a few hours off. I'm going go come back here smelling of Coors Light and deceit.

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