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2006-02-27 - 10:35 p.m.

In the second grade my friends Robbie and Matt and I started a club where we'd draw anything anybody wanted for a nickel. I don't remember if we had any paying customers, but the fact remains that we drew all the time. Matt was the only Asian kid in the entire school. He was adopted. Anyway, Matt was really good. I'm sure my memory's exaggerating the extent of his skill--we were seven, after all--but in my mind's eye I can still see this picture he showed me on a field trip to Rocky Gap State Park. We were doing a unit on ecology and recycling (was recycling a thing in 1984?) and we planted these tiny pine saplings in the park, popsicle sticks with our names on them stuck into the ground next to each of our saplings. Anyway, on the bus ride there, Matt produced a drawing he'd done of his family's station wagon. I'd seen their station wagon--cream-colored paint with fake wood paneling--and so I could see that this drawing he'd done was just spot-on accurate. It was fantastic. You could see the erased lines where he was trying and erring to get the shape just right and in my mind's eye, it's drawn from a perspective about twenty feet away from the side of the car and about eight feet off the ground. He drew it so that you could see a little of the back door, the long-gone kind that opened horizontally, with the handle on the side. It was just incredible.

This is all by way of saying that while I used to draw all the time, my skill level never really progressed beyond the skills of the, say, eighth-grade me. And this is a shame, because this morning, on the way in, I had what I think is a really cool idea for a T-shirt, or at least a sticker of some sort. While listening, again, to "The Way We Get By" by Spoon, this line struck me as particularly vivid:

You got a new bag of pot
Said, 'Let's make a new start,'
And that's the way to my heart,
That's the way to my heart.

And I haven't smoked pot for probably five years, but I'd really like a simple line drawing of a girl with a mischievious grin holding a bag of pot. And below it, "Let's make a new start."

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