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2006-02-14 - 10:44 a.m.

So I was just eating a piece of white chocolate and what's the point with that business? It's like eating a snow cone after thinking about pouring the syrup on top of it, but not actually pouring the syrup on top of it.

So it snowed for the first time this winter. It started sticking to the streets around 5 on Saturday, so I got ready in a hurry and went to the girl's place. We ate pizza and buffalo wings. We shared napkins. It was nice. And then, with an inch on the ground, we walked to Friends. A bunch of actual friends were already there. We had a few beers and then Kevin got a pool game started. He and the guys he works with play it. It's called Three Ball and I lost more than three dollars playing it. By the time we left, after the bar'd closed, there was enough snow already down that everything was new and fresh and good. We had a ten-minute snowball fight and my glasses did not get knocked off. I hit my friend Nate in the junks. He took it well.

Feeling sort of random today, so this: The Futureheads are a lot of fun.

If you work it out,
Tell me what you find.

I've bought a lot of music lately that I'm disappointed with. I know everyone loves Belle and Sebastian, but I'm beginning to think that this band just isn't for me. I've tried, though. And I bought an M. Ward album because they (he?) were pretty good when I saw them, but maybe they or he are just not for me. And the Deerhoof album is nearly unlistenable. I may be going through a low tolerance stage of recorded music listening, though. Which is maybe why The F'heads are shining my shoes at the moment.

And, after pecking and getting distracted by magazines and world wide web sites, I finally finished "Atonement." That guy's a prick, he's so good. I was bored by the first section, the summer house part. I knew what he was doing, setting up the very layered and rich emotional lives of these characters, their inside worlds, so that we'd have something to care about later on, but still, it wasn't until the wounded-and-thirsty-in-France section that I sped through it. And I got thirsty, too. And hungry. I don't even know what a sausillon is, but when he ate it and it warmed his belly like it was a shot of something brown, I wished I had a stomach full of sausage and a head full of lucidly feverish thoughts.

Taking the next three days off. I'm getting the girl a digital camera and I might buy myself a laptop. I've wanted a laptop for a long time and I don't like being chained to my echo-y bedroom when I'm trying to write.

I reorganized my manuscript. I'm trying to group them thematically, instead of chronologically. I go to Austin in a month. I've been getting encouraging words from bunches of people lately. I think they somehow know I might need a little bump or push or warm word in the ear.

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