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2006-01-17 - 10:45 p.m.

I like small moments in songs. I like it when bass lines drop from the sky or when drums crash. I often listen to songs for the small moments when magical things happen. “Let Down” is a close second, but I’ll pick “Airbag” from Radiohead’s OK Computer. I’ve been listening to it a lot lately, on the morning drive. “Airbag” is, for me, a string of moments packed in tight. The opening guitar hits and strikes like cold water on the chest. The looped beat comes next and though I’ve tried many times to get the air drumming right, I cannot. It’s at the end of the song, though, after Thom Yorke talks about how the airbag saved his life and about how he’s been given a second chance, about how he’s “back to save the universe,” that all the moments come together. Because that’s when the opening guitar and the crazy drum beat make room for Yorke’s angelic moaning that’s ecstatic because he almost just died right there and shit, man, he’s got the floor and no one’s going to stop him. And I, listening to the sound of the second chance, get goose bumps every time, a beautiful moment with me in between the headphones, my whole goddamn universe, in that moment, ripe for the saving.

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