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2006-01-02 - 3:36 p.m.

My grades are due, according to the sheet in my mailbox at school, no later than January 3, 2006. The date is in bold. In true fashion, I'm putting it off. I've learned some truths about the business of teaching and one is that you can tell with pretty good accuracy, by about halfway through the semester, who's going to get what. It usually works out, for English classes, at least, like this, for a section of 20 students: 5 A's, 10 B's, 4 C's, 1 F (or withdraw or whatever.) But I think I have a couple of F's for some kids who just didn't show up the last five weeks and didn't hand in a bunch of papers. Eighteen is getting a lot younger, fast.

I think this may be my homepage on flickr:

The warehouse is cold and my fingers are slow. We're seeing Chronicles of Narnia at 5, with the biggest slices in town before that. I think we're falling into something here. Funny how it's "fall" in love.

Writing's slow, has been for a while. The best fringe benefit of reading is the inspiration, the reinforcing notion of "I could do that, too" that nourishes. I'm trying. Getting started is the hardest part. Plus, I've been drunk and hungover a lot lately. I diverted myself by half-cleaning my room, organizing things, hauling a forgotten semi-round dresser in here and filling it with T-shirts, boxer briefs, jeans. Discoveries: I own a lot of pairs of boxer briefs. I own a lot of pairs of black socks. I also own two pairs of Levi's (32x32), two pairs of J.Crew khakis that for some reason appear to be exactly the same, one pair of 30x32 jeans that are too short but I like because I could sleep in them if I wanted to, and a really dark pair of jeans that I bought a few months ago, brand forgotten. Also, I like plain cotton T-shirts. I bet I'm not the only one. Clean ones, maybe smelling of detergent a little, a little tighter than recommended. They make me think of everything comfortable.

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