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2005-12-31 - 4:41 p.m.

Played poker last night. Big game: nine guys. Played until 5, went to bed at 6. I'm a very quiet poker player. When I get a bad hand, I fold and am quiet because I wish I could bluff better. When I get a good hand, I am quiet because my heart's racing and I fear my syllables will come out in flood of nonsense. I got a tripod for Christmas and set up the camera just next to the table and I hope got some good shots using the shutter-delay. We're having a party tonight. We have a keg of Brewer's Art Pale Ale. It is cold and good. I drank a lot of it last night. The girl is staying here after the party. This is the first time she'll be staying here. We always stay at her place. The way my bed is situated, only one side of it has rug where you'd put your feet, say, in the morning, when you're stretching and wanting coffee. So I'm going to try to sleep on the concrete side and have her sleep on the rug side. She is thin and gets cold easily. Sometimes I say that, together, we're 265 pounds of fury. But I've amended this because, really, she's fury and I'm sort of yawny.

And I've posted some photos, mainly from my camera phone, to flickr. I'm sure there's a better way to link from here, but my username is "sidewalk flying."

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