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2005-08-22 - 4:29 p.m.

There's a bar on the ground floor of this office complex. Straight out of the movie "Office Space." The bar's called Nottingham's. Not a whole lot of trees around here, and definitely no swathes of English wood. But as they get going, around 3:30, getting ready for the evening, they open their doors for deliveries and things and when I walk by, the smell that hits like a wave (a very cooled one) is straight, distilled bar smell. Marlboro Lights + Coors Light + Bar Cleansers + Dockers + golf shirts = Nottingham's.

I feel like I'm in college again. This happened last time I was in Baltimore. Feels like bursts of hip hop punctuating whatever I've been doing for the last two-three years. Slow swing? "Moonlight Serenade?"

I hope the mechanic's right, that a radiator flush will do it. I don't feel like spending more money on my car. I just want it to work. A Honda Civic or something sounds really good right now.

My old college just emailed, saying I could teach a Wednesday night class. I like that. English Comp. for Old People and Late Sleepers!

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