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2005-07-02 - 2:04 a.m.

I'm back from the Ottobar, where I saw Daggerheart (maybe?) and Mary Timony and The Oranges Band. The first band was a girl with keyboard with curly hair and a guitarist wearing no shirt, sandals, and short shorts that made everyone there say they couldn't pay attention to the show because he was wearing these shorts. Revealing. I didn't know what to expect with Mary Timony because a friend said the last time he saw her she was countried up. But this was rock. The drummer was amazing: fast and loud and precise and when he broke his drumstick once he switched to maracca on the fly like a champ. She bounced around a lot and made her guitar do many different things. I had these thoughts as they played: AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Screaming Trees/Mudhoney, and then just good. The Oranges Band made me buy their album, which I rarely do after shows.

I'm finally getting the hang of teaching the little kids. They said "bye" to me today, before leaving for the weekend. "Bye, Mr. " One of them brought in cupcakes for the class. He gave me one.

I think a lot about universality. Commonality. Things we all share. One is the desire for confidence, whether we know it or not. Another is a kind of desire for sleekness, a dropping away of everything but fluidity. This happens at shows, but also when driving, when talking with a friend on the street outside the apartment, when ordering a beer. It's currency. I learned several new ways of throwing a golf frisbee today. One of the kinds of frisbee is called a "stone."

The neighbors are throwing a rent party, I think. They've been playing afrobeat and seventies jazz for a while. I'm imagining the clientele right now. It's hot and so they gleam with sweat. Drinks and water. Drinks and water.

I like The Secret Machines a lot.

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