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2005-06-21 - 12:25 a.m.

Fact is, I've never known how to express admiration for anything that's been around since we were monkeys. Examples: the sound of the ocean, the feeling you get when it's hot in your apartment but colder outside because of a summer thunderstorm, a red maple in the fall. How can you say it fresh, in any medium?

But there's a reason I'm staring at the moon outside my window. I can't not look at it. I could turn off all the lights and open all the shutters and I could see my shadow or I could almost read and I could certainly carry on a conversation and know if the other person were smiling. And I can make out every line on the moon tonight and I can see that it's a perfect circle and it hurts that I can't express any of this any better but there it is and here I am looking at it and it's beautiful. I wish I had binocoulars that fit on eyeglasses like surgeons have. I'd like it to be bigger.

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