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2005-06-15 - 1:15 a.m.

My power went out on three separate occasions today. When my upstairs neighbor came down to my apartment to complain (he seems to take things like power outages personally and it makes me laugh), I said to him, "I guess it must be from everyone running, like, three window units." (He has three window units while I have two but if I ever run both it trips the breaker). And he said, "No. It's their one job. Make the electricity WORK, goddamnit."

Sticky. I've noticed that, when people talk about things like weather and say things like "hot enough for ya?" a part of me has always cringed but I understand more and more why people say these things. It's not, usually, that they want to fill a void in conversation. Usually, it's fucking hot and when it's that hot it dictates how you live your life much more than, say, the Philip Roth book you just read and think is kind of neat.

I wonder how Times New Roman became the official typeface, the white-haired typeface? Actually, what I wonder is why it is that I don't like any other typeface nearly as much as Times New Roman and why I care about typefaces at all? Although whatever typeface Wes Anderson uses is pretty badass. And he's not a badass.

I've reluctantly agreed to meet up with an ex-girlfriend. She says in an email that she thought the break-up was the right thing at the time but that now she doubts it more and more. This all happened three years ago and that seems like a long time to me.

In my effort to read All Memoirs All The Time, I've begun "The Liar's Club." I've resisted this one for years because a while ago I got burned by a series of bad memoirs by women, but I've read forty pages and I like her style. Sticky, too, and smelly. And honest.

Tomorrow night I play poker with doctors. Poker With Doctors. Doctor Poker 2005. They're either going to house me (because they're doctors and are good with math?) or I'm going to take their money because I have a way of hanging in and letting the other ones make the big, bad bets. And if they shop talk I can always throw them off by getting them to look at my mosquito bites, asking them if they're cancerous or something. I know how to bluff.

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