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2005-06-05 - 1:45 p.m.

I used to read a lot of newspapers and watch "Frontline" and read all the political stuff online that I could find. But I can't do that any more. I was just watching something on Tom DeLay and it's so obvious as to be insulting. That guy's a crook in the most ordinary, American way possible. He's not even creative about how he's breaking the law. He's boring.

There's a lieutenant governor's race here this year and the TV ads are all about how this guy is even more conservative than the other and how each hates the ACLU more than the next guy. And motherfucker, the next person who spouts all the Christian moral values code about how they're saving this country from the godless and the unpatriotic...yeah, phoo.

The Republican philosophy has always seemed, to me, pretty Darwinian. Their response is pretty much "tough shit" if you're a minority, if you don't come from money, if you get laid off. Fine, I guess. That's the economic history of this country and we're not going to get away from that. You turn a profit or you toil. People came here to make money and they did and that's part of the reason we have the best missiles and freeze-dried french fries and tires. The rewards (however unfair or unevenly distributed) of making money as driver of economic growth for all. Whatever.

But don't take that greedy, cold-hearted philosophy and mix it with this social conservatism, where you try to tell everybody else what's right and wrong, who can get married, what kinds of choices we can make. Bullshit. You can't be economically Darwinist and then insist that creationism be taught in schools. They're completely at odds. Why do conservatives think it's OK to keep government out of business but right in the middle of personal decisions?

And, would Jesus be for or against, say, raising the minimum wage?

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