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2005-05-29 - 11:13 p.m.

Last night a friend and I did the drug I do once a year. I'm going to end up writing something more ponderous, more ghettoed-up, more nervous about how we got it, but for now I'm happy because after an all-day hollowness I feel like a regular person again. I think I have a fragile constitution. Yes. But we had fun and I was up until the sun came up and we listened to the new Beck album and the new Kings of Leon and dusty favorites like Gomez. At 2, we went for a walk and I took pictures that just might turn out to be worth something and at 4 we started talking and didn't stop until we both decided we should try to sleep. And I slept for two electric hours and was awakened by someone leaving a message on my machine, a message from somebody I was glad to hear from and who I called back a half-hour later. "As you call too late I'm probably calling too early," she said in the message. And then talked with my Vermont friend Greg for an hour and we exchanged quotes from people we respect and talked about movies and books and music. He sent me a mix CD a few days ago, and though he likes electronic music a lot more than I do, he has good taste and I always find it afresh on the third or fourth listen, something to nod along to and figure out like a tiny puzzle made of positively and negatively charged matchsticks.

The local weekly newspaper said OK to me writing a book review. It's my first. The book's not that great, but it's brand new and the library had a copy so I'm going to mark it up with a pencil and then condense a hundred thoughts about it into eight or ten, hopefully something coherent.

I haven't seen Star Wars but I just read my fourth review of it and jesus, that's too many reviews about one movie to read because what else can you say? I do like Natalie Portman and I think she may have just shaved her head? And Lindsey Lohan? Did somebody do that to her?

And soymilk. How did I not dig on this shit years ago? Makes me feel good. And that's funny because drinking soymilk, even if it's straight from the carton, just is not a badass thing to do. I should get in a fight or something. Dump some soymilk on a big dude's head, do a crazy face at him and then let my buddies take care of the rest. And then home and read a book about the Hell's Angels.

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