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2005-05-20 - 12:34 a.m.

I got up from the couch ten minutes ago determined to do something with a photo. I found this one from my friend's wedding page. It was in September. Not so good with the computers:

It goes like this, left to right:

Dave (DY), who done got married
Kevin, general all-around starter of things
Damon (who is a fine, fine human being but who here is doing some sort of tarty English writer thing, C.S. Lewis, maybe?)
Me (who was much more way drunker than this picture suggests)
Maegan (who's getting hugged by somebody)

So we're drinking Yuengling and I toured their brewery in Pottsville (Pottstown?), Pa. and it's tiny and damp. Another friend used to live very nearby. The wedding was in Baltimore at the American Visionary Art Museum which is a fantastic place. They only hang stuff done by folks in mental hospitals, etc., which sounds sort of gimmicky but which I promise is not and is fundamentally mind-blowing in the way that getting incredibly stoned and trying to draw your thumbprint (from your thumb) when you're, say, a freshman in college is mind-blowing. Last I was there, they had an exhibit of these pictures the size of playing cards woven from the tiny strands of colored stretchy fabric in those tube socks I wore when I was four and five years old. Lots of very finely crafted, well-cared-for things there.

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