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2003-11-20 - 2:58 a.m.

Jesus, it rained hard today. I left school at 4 and walked to my car. I hadn't brought an umbrella or a jacket. It wasn't raining when I left the apartment. But when I got to the lobby, it was dark and cold all of a sudden and everyone was shaking their jackets off, the sprinkles making the slick floor all wet. Then I walked into three or four classrooms, hoping someone had left an umbrella. Then I went to the lost and found, but no luck. So I walked (I ran to class and didn't feel like running again) and ten seconds after I left the building, the rain had soaked through my button-down shirt, through my T-shirt and my hair was stuck to my head, water dripping off the tip of my long nose.

That reminds me. My nose. In the office I share with the other TAs, someone had drawn a cartoon of me with a flower pot on my head. Cartoon features: sharp, pointy nose, thin neck, disheveled hair. I guess that's all true.

So I got back here and tried to read a magazine for a while. But I had gotten up early today and all I could think of was being dry and taking a nap, so I threw my soaked jeans on the couch, took off my T-shirt and got into bed. And it kept raining, hard. The drops coming off the roof of the apartment were huge, and when they hit the pavement outside, it made for riotious music. I like naps.

I have a scholarship luncheon tomorrow. I was supposed to write the donors a thank-you note, but I never did. I bet they're nice, old people.

I'm reading "The Naked and the Dead" when I should be reading "Ulysses." Norman Mailer is hilarious. I saw him on Charlie Rose a few days ago and he took this one question and spit it back in Charlie's face. The host asked him some personal question about his life and Mailer said "That's a cadillac question." Rose asked what that meant, and Mailer said "You want me get behind the cadillac and push it up the hill." I only wish I could be that crotchety and smart and old-timey when I get to be his age.

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