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2002-10-16 - 11:48 p.m.

I got me a new chair from Ikea and I think I like sitting in it. Enormous-ass place, very clean and very Swedish with a little restaurant area where you can buy a half of a smoked-salmon sandwich. So I'm reading from a fiction anthology for beginning writers and I'm reading these short, two-page pieces about heartbreak and longing and now I'm thinking about trying to write a short story. I think I've got someone in mind, someone from the past, who would fit into a story about longing nicely. Something about lying in bed naked, cigarette smoke being blown out windows raised just enough to let in a jet of cold air, phones ringing until the machine picks up. And then something about meeting at a coffee shop, sitting outside in the late-fall air, looking at your hands and brief goodbye hugs.

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